Nigeria’s Distribution Companies

Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc

1, Ziguichor Street, Wuse Zone 4,
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, or Abuja Disco, serves central Nigeria from its base in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Abuja Disco was established in 1997 following the transfer of the capital from Lagos to Abuja in 1991. Abuja Disco has a franchise for distribution and marketing of electricity in a service zone comprising Minna, Suleja, Lokoja and Lafia Districts.Despite past investments in expanding the electricity infrastructure, demand in the Disco's service zone far exceeds supply. Increasing population continues to add to that demand. Abuja Disco distributes an average of 204, 150 MW of electricity annually, and has been ranked fourth among the 11 discos for both sales and electricity purchased/distributed. Abuja Disco infrastructure is among the most modern and best maintained in Nigeria.Among other infrastructure, Abuja Disco owns and maintains 60 number 15 MVA injection sub stations, in addition to 11 number 7.5 MVA and 35 number 2.5 MVA injection sub stations.
In 2005, Abuja Disco intensified collection efforts with the installation of pre-payment meters, route sequencing, bulk, and feeder-by-feeder energy audits.
Customer Base: 469,306 (2008).